Testimonial 4
April 17, 2017
Testimonial 6
September 1, 2017

Testimonial 5

My two daughters, who are both in High School now, have attended the German School in New York for the past three years. Growing up with a German mother, they both know how to speak German, but they never had a formal training when it comes to grammar, reading and writing. They both have had a great experience – they made a lot of friends and learned so much on so many levels along the way. The teachers succeeded in engaging their students by making the classes both fun and educational. The material covered a lot of cultural aspects, so that not only did my daughters improve in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading and essay writing, but also they deepened their knowledge about the German culture. The school and the teachers also did an amazing job with helping my 17-year old daughter prepare for the C1 exam. I highly recommend the school and I’m so grateful for the dedication of the teachers, who made a difference in my daughters’ lives by deepening their connection with their German heritage.