Testimonial 5
September 1, 2017

Testimonial 6

My two girls have attended the German Language School at UNIS for the past 4 years. We all speak German at home, but since they attend a public school in Manhattan, it was important to us that they would learn how to read and write in their mother tongue, which they definitely have! It’s always incredible for me to see that 2.5 hours a week have been enough for them to pick up reading and writing! They love to attend the school, are excited to see their teachers as well as their friends. Your children will not only learn how to read, write and speak but will also learn about the German culture: Laternenlauf, Nikolaus, Weihnachten, Karneval etc. The teachers are all extremely qualified and my children have developed a strong bond to them over the years. Overall I would like to highly recommend the German language school if your children are attending an American school.